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Why Choose Zirconium Tubes in Your Industry?

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Hexon Metal offers clean Zirconium and Zirconium alloy tubes/pipes at highly competitive costs. The best quality zirconium tubes or even zirconium pipes are considered perfect for the exchanges of the heat, pipelines and high-temperature working services directly in the food and chemical industry. More products made by zirconium which include Zirconium plates, Zirconium rods, and Zirconium Pipe Fittings are even available for everyone.

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Zirconium Tube or even Pipe Applications:

Due to its power under high temperature and outstanding corrosion resistance particularly for the acetate acid, zirconium tubes or pipes are perfect to use in, but not restricted to:

  • Exchangers of the Heat
  • Biological and Chemical reactors
  • Condensers
  • Different acidic fluid transmission channel systems
  • Aquaculture Offshore
  • The rods of the fuel in the nuclear reactors

Covering of Zirconium Pipe and Tube

Zirconium tubes and pipes are evidently tagged and labeled outwardly to make sure proficient identification and control of the quality. It is important to take care of things in order to avoid any sort of damage which might be happened in transportation and storage.

The adequate layer of the oxidized rightly works as an amazing surface of bearing against different materials that get better the resistance of the erosion confrontation in the high-velocity system and get better the resistance of the oxidation in specific reducing conditions. The alloy exhibits excellent ductility. It is posse’s extremely positive thermal stability and good potency at cryogenic temperatures. The alloy does not locate in low-temperature ductility to brittle change.

Zirconium is considered one of the few metals which fall into the kind of reactive metals or corrosion contrasting to alloys. The prime applications for Zirconium are known as a corrosion-resistant cloth of construction for the chemical offering the industry. Zirconium shows outstanding confrontation with an acidic attack in mostly inorganic and organic acids, strong alkalis, saline solutions, and several molten salts. Indefinite applications, the special corrosion resistance of Zirconium can increase its helpful life beyond that of the stays of the plant.

Zirconium is considered the main corrosion-resistant material in almost all acetic acid solutions. Application of Zirconium and Zirconium Target has been used very successfully while working with sulfuric acid. The benefit of Zirconium is that the corrosion rate will be extremely small if properly applied and apparatus life of over 20 years is likely. A heat exchanger is a piece of equipment used to transfer heat between 2 or more fluids.